Common FAQ’s

Below you will find all the information regarding our most commonly asked questions about how to place orders, policies, refunds, etc.

Redeemed Sweets Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Payment Due:
You pay, I bake. Payment is required up front so that I can source your cute cutters, spectacular sprinkles, and perfect packaging. Your payment also reserves your pickup date, so win win for all of us!

No Show = No Sweets:
These sweets are best enjoyed fresh, not showing up to the agreed upon pickup date forfeits your order. But no worries, we will donate them to a family in need. Need to reschedule your order? No problem! Reach out at least 3 business days prior to your orders pick up time.

Refunds will only be approved up to 24 hours after payment has been made, and Redeemed Sweets is subject to decline a request for a refund for any reason. Unfortunately, after this time frame we cannot allow refunds as your materials for your order has likely already been placed. But the good news is, you get sweets!

Delivery Clause:
All orders are defaulted to pick up only. Delivery can be an option at our discretion which we will take on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. I love a good drive, bonus if that drive passes a local coffee shop!

Delivery or Pickup Dates/Times:
Delivery or pickup dates and times are set at the time of your order, or as the order gets closer if it’s far out. This is because other customers need sweets too! Please make sure to put that pickup/delivery date in your calendar with a reminder.

Changes to Orders Cutoff:
Decisions are tough; we are here to help! Order changes can be made up to 7 business days prior to your sweets pickup or delivery date. After this timeframe, any request for changes to your order can be granted or declined at our discretion, as well as a small fee may apply.

Thanks tons for bringing those inspiration pictures for us, but your sweets may not be a perfect replica. We will try to keep it as close as possible.

In a Hurry?:
While I can’t accommodate last minute orders all the time, I will make my best effort to make sure you still get top notch sweets. A $15 rush fee will be applied if the order is placed within 3 business days of needing your sweets order.

Price Adjustments:
All prices are subject to change. Prices are often dictated by the cost of ingredients at the time of your order. We always try to provide the best tasting sweets for our clients. Which means we may not be able to honor old pricing when the grocery store doesn’t honor their old flour or butter prices, darn it!

Product Photography:
Say cheese! We create replicas of our clients’ orders to photograph these sweet looking sweets. If you do not want your sweets in the spotlight, please let me know at the time you place your order, your secrets are safe with me!

Copy righted images; think Star Wars and Peppa Pig. I won’t be able to replicate these baked goods. Who wants cookie controversy, right? We can make a similar color palette, so let’s talk!

Pictures from Previous Work:
Pictures are worth a thousand words, but they are not always accurate. Due to lighting, editing, and environment your sweets may not look exactly like pictures (whether it’s our previous work or inspiration pictures you provided). Colors and shapes may vary, and may not be true to size, which is a bummer because I’d really love to eat an 8.5 x 11” cookie!

Eeny Meeny, Order Minimums:
That didn’t rhyme, but I am a baker not a poet. I have minimum orders for all sweets I offer. Need less? Keep an eye out for special holiday offerings, pop-up events or vendor shows we may be apart of to grab yourself some individual cookies.

It’s All Yours Now:
Once you pick up (or I deliver) your order, thanks for your order by the way! What happens to your sweets, is all on you. Keep them safe and keep them cool.

No Ghosts:
I’m easily spooked! To get your order just right I’ll need you to reply to messages within 6 hours otherwise I may just have to wing it, and I am good at winging it, just ask my eyeliner! Questions for me? Please give me 6 hours to reply, I am usually covered in dough.

Ahhh Choo!:
Allergies? Baked goods are often made with foods that can be known allergens. While we will do our best to accommodate, we can’t guarantee we can take your order if you have food allergies.

Cottage Food Laws:
These treats have been made in a home kitchen not inspected by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. Our kitchen is NOT nut free, egg free, dairy free or gluten free. Boring disclaimer, but we have to say it per the law. Tips cowboy hat and Sheriff’s pin

Pay Means “Yay!”:
Once you’ve submitted your awesome payment for your awesome order because your awesome! You accept the above terms and conditions which is awesome because my sweets are awesome, so awesome!